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About Kinzoku

In Japan, Kinzoku (kin-zô-cou) means metal. In North America, Kinzoku represents exceptional design and high quality jewelry & accessories. At Kinzoku, we combine the ancient art of silversmithing with 21st century design to create unique custom pieces exclusively for you.

Kinzoku was founded on the belief that the best gifts are the most thoughtful. Be it a client, employeefriend or loved one, the search for a meaningful and original gift can be an arduous task. A pair of cufflinks for dad is a good gift. A pair of cufflinks based on his child’s art is a great gift.

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MADE WITH YOUR ART jewelry & accessories. You create the art. We make the jewelry.

We can design and produce custom pieces for you, your friends, your team and clients.

Our wholesale collection of cufflinks & jewelry is sold across North America.

Find great gifts in our retail store or contact us to have something custom made.

From the engagement to the wedding, we can help you with gifting as well as custom.

We ship worldwide and offer free shipping across North America.

We often get asked what our minimum is for custom. If you’re looking to treat yourself, you’ll be happy to hear the answer is 1!

Thinking of custom for your team? We can meet your demand and of course the more pieces you do, the more cost-effective it becomes!

Kinzoku is committed to protecting your privacy. We protect all personal information provided, ensuring everything is handled properly and securely worldwide.

I love it when a gift is more than just a gift. When it takes you back to a place or time or person and feels all the more special because of that. The best gifts are the ones that tell a story. Let us tell your story.

Ibai Demirdache Design Director

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