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As the daughter and granddaughter of jewelry designers, I’ve always had an interest in jewelry. After graduating from school, I didn’t immediately follow in their footsteps. In fact, I started my career as a diplomat. I was posted to Japan, where I apprenticed in my spare time with a Japanese metalsmith. It’s there, that I learned to appreciate the beauty and simplicity of good design. On my return to Canada, I founded Kinzoku Custom ( and came full circle to carry on the family tradition.

Fast forward a few years... my daughter came to me one day with a drawing and said “mama, this is my cufflink design”. I thought that was very sweet. Then it hit me. Why not?! That started us designing cufflinks and necklaces made with children’s art. We’ve since expanded to include a range of accessories from cufflinks and earrings to keychains, necklaces and rings. It’s no longer about capturing the moments in a child’s life. It’s so much more. It’s about celebrating everyone’s creativity. If this year has taught us anything, it’s the need to find joy in simple things, to appreciate our friends and family and to embrace our creativity. We want to celebrate those moments by creating jewelry & accessories made with your art. Our philosophy is the best gifts are the ones that tell a story. Let us tell your story.

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Give the gift of custom with our beautifully packaged boxed gift cards. They make great hostess gifts!


Who doesn’t love a deal? Have more than one piece made with your art and enjoy a discount.


All of our accessories are handmade with careful attention to detail at our studio in Toronto.


We offer special discounted pricing for cultural and educational non-profit organizations.


We are committed to protecting your privacy and ensuring everything is handled properly and securely at all times.


We ship all over the world and offer free shipping at all the times across North America.

The cufflinks were a huge hit! They turned out so well, I'm making a pair of earrings for myself too.

Laura Patton Toronto

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